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Well I finished season 2 of lost

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what a cute dork

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 I did an art trade with m7angela (check her out she has rly cute edwin drawings) here is your pregnant winry and her dork husband I hope you like it ^U^

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Pixiv ID: 43717618Member: kani



Pixiv ID: 43717618
Member: kani

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what if in full metal alchemist instead of putting the little brother in a robot they put him into a plate of noodles and they called him alfredo just to be a dick and everynight he cried into his fettucine whispering “my name is alphonse” 

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Beez In The Trap - Nicki Minaj ft. 2 Chainz

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i want someone who will sit on a rooftop with me at 3 am and shave their head while i shave my head and then hotglue the hair to the roof so the roof will have hair

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"She’s not a real monster."

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